The Better Got The best – SONY XPERIA Z5

The most awaited planar magnetic headphones phone from Sony is finally out with the name of Sony Xperia Z5 ; Sony has yet again excelled the contemplation and finally caters the need of the infinite Sony Fans across the globe. Xperia Z5 is the latest edition smart phone in Xperia Series by the looks of this phone it look very impressive and got plenty of power inside to keep going the whole day, it has a great camera that will take some great snaps and pictures a high end processor is also situated for blazing fast performance and a high powered battery. Sony is always brought in the best smart phone which not only unique in terms of design but also quite distinctive in the specifications as well Xperia Z5 is a perfect example of that.

Fully Improved Design Sony has confidingly improvised the design of XperiaZ5 and produced this smart phone with key design improvements and you surely see some great changes this time in the design of this smart phone. Xperia Z5 from Sony is a very sleek smart phone which has straight surface which merge into the curvy ends and the phone is completely protected with Gorilla Glass from both back and front. The glass is frosted into attractive matt finish it feels like glass when you touch the phone but the very first glance at the phone will give you a view of plastic that’s something really different in design perspective. The phone is encased in a metal frame along with the glass front and back as mention above. The main attraction of the phone is the fingerprint sensor is located in the power button and it works perfectly fine. From the front the screen looks very appealing and you can’t take your eyes off from the phone once you notice it. The power button of the phone is located in the side this time which is a major change in concept design wise the front side is featured with a front facing camera on the top while the right side is powered with power button and the volume controlling keys. The back is packed with the rear camera on the side and just underneath it you can check out the Led flash and to a little distant just about the middle you can view the Sony motif that will guarantee the product made by Sony and it’s genuine. Also the bottom of the smart phone is provided with the USB port and charging slot so you can easily charge the phone and transfer or switch the data accordingly. With Z5 Sony reinvented the design of their smart phones in order to make them look perfectly flawless.

Don’t mind Little Water Another great thing that the Brand Leader Sony comes up with in Z5 is the IP68 water and dust proofing that means that the new Sony smart phone is water proofed and dust proofed so if you knock off your drink on Z5 you don’t have to worry about the phone being damaged by water it can survive the minor water spills and water splash on the phone. Dust is also another key factor that will ruin the system inside the phone so for the consumer convenient its also dust proof which will prevent the phone getting the tiny dust particles getting inside which cause malfunctioning or serious problems to damage the smart phone. Sony has completely protected the smart phone in those 2 of the most cautious conditions to deliver more precision and perfection to Z5.

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