Aspects of Opening a Night Club to Ensure Your Success

If there is one industry that is booming during this economic recession it would be the best clubs in cancun industry.  The same thing that was true during The Great Depression is true now and that is that the less money people have the more they look for ways to escape their problems and a good night club provides the perfect escape.  They can head out for a night on the town and enter a fantasy world where they can drink, mingle, and just have a good time without worrying about their bills and whether their electricity is going to be shut off tomorrow. This may sound immature, or simply sticking your head in the sand attitude; but it is human nature to try and escape – if only for a few hours.

In order to ensure your success in opening a night club, there are some specific aspects that you will need to know.  One of the first things you will want to understand is the importance of having a theme for your club.  Your theme is what is going to determine your crowd and your crowd determines your success.  Simply spreading some black paint on the walls and stocking the bar with liquor isn’t going to draw people in and keep them coming back for more.  You will have a lot of competition out there and your theme is what will make people choose your club over the other twenty bars they pass on their way to get to you. Most clubs/bars become successful because a certain group decides to make them a meeting place. For one club, I was involved in New York, we employed 25-30 models to show up at the club on various nights – very shortly, we filled with men, and then it just snowballed. Having good relations with the local newspapers and radio stations is also a must.

Along with your theme, you will want to consider your furnishings, décor and lights.  These are all important aspects of your night club and part of what makes up your theme, but are also each important in their own rite.  For instance, you could have a space or futuristic theme and that might mean a lot of modern furnishings with metal accents and plenty of light effects.  You will still need to think about how to arrange the furniture to create conversation areas, where to place the dance floor and so on.

Another important aspect of opening your night club to ensure your success is whether to have a DJ or not.  A DJ can play an important role in setting the tone of your night club or bar.  However, if you are opting for a sports bar you would want to have numerous big screen TVs installed and have sports games or shows running constantly. The sports bar theme is now overused because it is so easy. Take a regular bar, throw up some wide-screens, and you’re a sports-bar. Where I live now there are 20 of these within 5 miles – all just squeaking by. This you need to consider carefully because it will have a dramatic impact on your success or failure; new ideas always garner attention. However, there you can go overboard also. Take for example the chain of a few years ago that built in all the malls – Rainforest Café. – they are still in business because of their big money corporate parent; but several locations had to close. The combination of mall rents, which are the highest in the market; and expensive build-outs of several million for each location, killed any possibility of profits without turning tables 8-10 times each day – very hard to do anywhere. Remember you’re doing it to make money – right?

Another overlooked feature is your staff. Obviously, experienced people are always a plus. Unfortunately, many operators are more concerned with the staff’s physical appearance rather than their personality. A great looking bartender will initially draw eager men, but if she is rude, or doesn’t handle the patrons properly the same salivating men will exit in droves. Front door staff that always acknowledges your regulars goes far to reinforce loyalty to your club and groups that can frequently get their favorite table will pay off many times over.

These are some of the most important aspects of opening a night club to ensure success.  Opening a club is a great way to thrive during a recession; but you have to know what you are doing so that you create a club that draws people in and keeps them coming back time and again.  Finding the right patrons and satisfying their needs will create loyalty, and bring you consistent, strong profits no matter what the economic outlook is. In fact, the bootleggers and saloon owners thrived during the depression of the 1930’s – why not repeat that today?

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