Maxam’s Best Waterless Cookware

Have you ever cookware belgique Fair and watched a cookware demonstration? If you are like me, you were soon captivated by the sales pitch. You are already envisioning using this cookware in your kitchen. Then they mention the price which, depending on the composition of the specific set, can range from $1,500 to $3,000. West Bend and Regal are excellent brands. I am sure that the claims made by the demonstrators are all true. The unfortunate reality, however, is that not everyone can afford to spend a couple of thousand dollars for a quality cookware set.

The good news is that you do not have to. There are many reputable companies on the Internet that offer comparable cookware at a fraction of the cost. One set to consider that is comparable to the expensive brands shown at the State Fair is Maxam’s 17 pc. 9-element Steam-control set. Maxam even offers a Salad Maker with 5 cutting blades similar to that offered at the State Fair for a little over $100.

The KT17 set is truly one of Maxam’s finest! Cooking will be a dream with this set! This 17 pc. set is considered to be one of the highest quality Steam Control Surgical Stainless Steel “Waterless” cookware sets that Maxam makes. Each piece of this KT17 set is constructed of extra heavy surgical stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The 9-element (layer) construction spreads the heat quickly and evenly. The 9-ply construction includes the following elements:

The chrome adds longer life, the iron adds strength and the copper adds durability to this quality cookware. The steam control valve makes “waterless” cooking easy. You can cook healthier in this cookware because it eliminates the need for grease or oil in cooking. To use the steam control valve, start cooking on medium heat (never use high heat). Then, when the valve begins to whistle, close the valve and turn the heat down to low and finish cooking. The 9-element construction allows you to stack cook with this cookware. Begin cooking on individual burners and when the valve whistles, you can stack the pans to finish cooking. The phenolic handles are superbly styled and are resistant to heat, cold and detergents. This set includes a cookbook with instructions and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Before you invest up to $2000 in cookware, consider our advantages and superior features.

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