bull789 is never easy, but this article will attempt to act as a crib sheet for all you out there who are too busy to study, don’t like studying, or consider this to be your studying. There is of course no “sure thing” or matrix to follow that will ensure your success. There are however statistical hints that might aid your quest for easy football betting.

One thing I always like to look at is the running game. The running game is so crucial because it is usually the greatest indicator of ball control. The team that controls the ball often is the team that wins. Odds makers are professionals, and they’re very good at what they do. They’re intentionally making an ambiguous choice for you when they determine point spreads. Predicting the total amount of points in a game is so precarious that I think even the professionals have a tough time with it. That’s why I think beating the points is actually easier than betting on the spread.

In order to successfully bet on the points you need to know how capable the run games are AND how capable the opposing defenses are at stopping it. You need to take into account what sort of defense a team plays, if teams have the right personnel to stack the line, and how well their corners play the run. If you’re betting on a team that has a fast running back to explode over a perceived “slow” defense, it helps to know if their corners can play the run well. Even most “slow” Cornerbacks are faster than running backs. Just some food for thought. In all honesty, the best advice I can offer to make betting easy is don’t over look the obvious. Just try not to out think yourself, and sometimes going with your gut is the best pick of all.

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