Bible Secrets About Pentecostal Churches

Once inside and properly greeted and directed to the main christian mysticism churches, it would be up to the ushers at the church entrance to welcome them inside. Once in the main church, it is the music, friendliness of members and a good sermon and service to bring the people back a second time. If they don’t have a great experience, they won’t be back. Music is an issue and it seems to be getting worse. There is no reason why there can’t be three good hymns that are familiar to all. If you pick terrible songs, no one gets inspired. It seems like it should be an easy job to pick three songs but apparently it is a problem.

I believe one of the songs could be the same every week like amazing grace, there are some beautiful songs that everyone knows the words so picking just two songs shouldn’t be hard. I would even have ten songs that everyone is familiar with and have them printed on a couple of two sided sheets. Why do we always need to search through hymnals to sing unknown songs? We want to inspire people in an easier format.

The next issue I see is too much interest in the Old Testament while inspiring sermons are usually from the New Testament with a connection to modern day issues. Please no more David and Goliath or Jonah the Whale sermons. Are we still in Sunday school? Remember first impressions and inspiring are the key words if building a church is important. No wonder so many churches are in trouble today.

The last minister at our church had a more formal service and I think it is important to wear proper attire like robes when preaching. Also please don’t read your sermons from paper if you’re down in front of the people. OK if behind the podium but not up front. Keep it simple and try to memorize something.

The church guest book that people sign for a reason, we should do better follow up. It is a problem at our church and many others. It is a known fact that a pastor needs to contact that person within 48 hours in an effective ministry. I have signed other guest books at other churches and I have never been called. How about you? This is something that is lacking at many churches but why is that? If someone signs your guest book, they expect to be called as soon as you possibly can.

My pastor has completely ignored my suggestions but that is her right. I have three sisters just like her. They ignore all my ideas and suggestions too.

My only desire is for my church home to be the best it can be. If a business or church isn’t growing, it is in decline. I don’t want to sit back and not express an opinion that might help the church have the best result or future it can have. Always speak up if you see ways that may improve any situation in your life. One person can make a difference. Every idea starts with one person.

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