Cocaine Abuse – 5 Life-Altering Effects

Cocaine abuse will blow your mind — pun intended. When people experiment with cocaine or use it recreationally or socially, they probably do not expect to be nailed by its highly addictive nature. Powerfully mind-altering, buy cocaine online is known by some as a fashionable drug of the jet-setting or Hollywood crowd; while others associate it with a quick high, as a means to increased energy and stamina, or even as a sexual stimulant. Whatever the connection, anyone who samples cocaine is at risk of becoming addicted. Once addicted, long term use of cocaine will lead to a variety of life-changing effects, of which we have listed the worst.

After the first time use of cocaine, it takes more and more of the drug to impart to same euphoric and stimulatory effects. And because the brain perceives cocaine as being highly pleasurable, it causes cravings for more. Thus, addiction occurs; and the person is caught in a vicious cycle of cocaine abuse, increasing tolerance, and a never-ending desire to repeat the first-time exhilarating experience.

• Snorting: Persistent runny nose, decreased sense of smell, frequent nosebleeds, swallowing difficulty, chronic hoarseness, and nasal perforation.
• Ingesting: Ulcers, ongoing nausea, reduced blood flow to the intestines based causing severe bowel gangrene, and chronic abdominal pain.
• Injecting: HIV, Hepatitis, other blood-borne diseases, and severe allergic reactions.

Even first-time cocaine users can have cardiovascular and/or respiratory failure. Cocaine causes blood vessels to restrict, heart rate to increase or become arrhythmic, and breathing to become rapid and shallow; all of which can contribute to a heart attack, stroke, or lung failure. Repeated use increases the risk.

• Seizures. Cocaine alters the brain’s ability to function normally. Seizures and convulsions are not uncommon as a result of cocaine abuse.
• Severe Paranoia. Full-scale paranoid psychosis may occur when a person loses touch with reality from long-term cocaine abuse. Auditory hallucinations may occur; along with bizarre or violent behavior.
• Personality Changes. Lying, cheating, and stealing may develop in order to cover up and/or maintain the cocaine habit. Relationships may fall apart as cocaine dependency accelerates. Extreme criminal acts may occur such as murder, robbery, or extortion.

As tolerance for the drug increases, cocaine addicts need more and more of the drug to mimic the feeling of their first high. The problem is that the first experience can never be repeated. Therefore, more cocaine more often means more risk of catastrophic side effects. Without treatment, a cocaine addict is at constant risk of psychological and physiological damage resulting in insanity or death.

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