Fake Surveillance Camera – Visible and Invisible Security

The fake driver license surveillance camera may be one of the best security devices for economy’s sake. They are inexpensive, and most studies indicate that a significant amount of criminal activity is deterred by the visible presence of these cameras. However, in the past years, the presence of dummy cameras in the business world, and the attention they have received, has begun to wear away at their effectiveness. It used to be the rule that fake security cameras should be placed in the most visible locations possible since they only deterred crime if thieves saw them.

The modern attitude has changed toward these cameras. When a person intent on stealing enters a store, he or she immediately begins to notice the set up of the location. Employee activity, valuable items, security measures like cameras and security tagging are all items a person hoping the thieves will notice. Some of the people who come into the store will steal no matter what styles of security they observe. They will be patient, wait until there are no real eyes on them, and make their move. Others will only steal from poorly secured locations.

If a thief plans to steal regardless of the layout of a store and its protective measures, fake security cameras are not a useful measure of protection. For the rest of the population the fake surveillance camera is an excellent deterrent. However, the way it is placed will either lend to or detract from a potential thief’s impression that it is recording real footage.

Where once, fake cameras were best positioned for the entire world to see, this placement now indicates to many that it is only a scarecrow. Overexposed cameras are unbelievable. On the other hand, a cleverly hidden camera, that is visible, but not at first glance, can do a great deal to make thieves question its legitimacy.

Always, the best prevention from theft is employee awareness (and employee integrity), but in large stores, and locations with expensive retail items, several lines of surveillance are important. Live cameras are useful not only in preventing theft but capturing thieves who are caught on tape. Fake security cameras are useful to prevent those who are swept up in the moment and quickly redirected by the fear of being caught. Whether in a mixed system (some live, others dummy) or a fully dummy system, a fake surveillance camera can save retailers a considerable amount of money on securing their establishment.

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