Where Can You Find Cheap Children’s Books

A major part of your child’s development is not only their reading, writing and arithmetic, but their imagination skills. a course in miracles book important for developing their ability to conjure up images and manufacture concepts in their heads that really help them to understand more than just the physical world around them.

The problem is though that kids have an insatiable appetite for new stories, with increasingly complex plots and characters and you may not be able to afford to keep buying new books. Here are a few suggestions where you can find cheap books that will keep your child entertained and developing nicely.


A surprisingly often overlooked source of children’s books is your local library. Every library should have an extensive selection of children’s books which you can take on loan for a long time. There may not be the exact book that you are looking for but at least it is always there, costs very little and even lets you sit and read in the building for as long as you want.

Friends, Neighbours, Relatives

If you would rather get books you can keep, you could always try asking your friends, neighbours and relatives if they have any old children’s books you can send your way. In particular, parents whose children are grown up may well have piles of kid’s books gathering dust in the attic that they will be more than happy to see being made use of.

Charity Shops

While they may well have a fairly poor selection, charity shops normally do have a selection of books for you to choose from. Charity shops offer an added incentive as the money you spend there will go towards a good cause.


Increasingly, online book shops are becoming the best place to go for discount books. Children’s books will have their own section and be available to search by price, by title, by author and so on so you will easily find something that suits your budget and your child’s tastes. Most online book shops will deliver your purchases of childrens books for free and the very next day too.


If you are gifted in the art of writing, you may be able to get some new children’s books for free. A carefully worded and persuasive letter to a children’s book publisher just might get you a free sample of a new book they are about to release. This would be even easier if you offer to review for a magazine or website.

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