To help you out I will classify different my talking tom hack you can find which will massively reduce the time it takes for you to find the perfect DS Game for your own personal needs.

Brain Teasers and Educational DS Games

There are hundreds of Nintendo DS Games out there which will stretch your mind, and help increase your knowledge. Whether you are looking for a brain trainer, a portable sudoku game, or a language trainer, you can find a wide variety of educational DS games for you to use on the move.

I have personally used both the Brain Training DS Games and a Learn Spanish DS game, which vastly improved both my mental reflexes, and my ability to speak another language!

Action DS Games

Forget learning, sometimes you just want to blow stuff up. There are thousands of fast paced action DS games which send you on a wide range of missions and landscapes as you slash/shoot/fly your way through your enemies onslaught.

Action DS Games are a great way to relieve stress and boredom, and I personally love to kill a few minutes with my action themed Nintendo DS Games. There are a huge range of action titles which bring a fast paced range of entertainment to the DSi!

Puzzle DS Games

There are a wide variety of puzzle games to suit all ages with the Nintendo DS. Whether you want to draw your way out of a puzzling situation, or match your symbols on fast paced puzzle games like bejeweled, you are sure to find a puzzle DS game which helps keep you entertained.

Puzzle DS Games are great for people like me who often need a little mental challenge, but don’t often have time to spend keeping up with things like the Brain Training DS games.

Mystery and Adventure DS Games

There are plenty of mystery and adventure DS games out there where you will have to search for clues, solve riddles and catch the master criminals. These usually contain a lot of Puzzles, however I did not include Adventure DS games with Puzzle DS games, since the puzzles are generally just part of a much bigger problem solving game.

Mystery DS Games and Adventure DS games generally follow complex but enjoyable story lines which lead you through intriguing tales. A quick warnings, these adventure DS games can often be addictive, and you might find yourself playing your DS game a little bit too often!

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