Soccer Drills – Are They Really Improving Your Game

The problem here is usually a somewhat lacking understanding – from coaches and players alike – of what 사설토토  drills and soccer skills really are. Because, although the terms are closely related, they are not one and the same. Simply put, the drill you are working on may be too complex to have any real effect on the subcomponent skills that are involved.

Classifying the different soccer training aspects into a training framework is a helpful starting point for correcting the problem.

Are you going to make a simple pass along the ground with the inside of your foot? A slightly lobbed pass across the pitch? A cross into the box from the flank position?

Each type of pass will involve approaching the ball and striking it in a very specific manner. And any soccer player will learn how to do that a lot faster if they receive an actual and proper lesson on how to do it – rather than being expected to pick it up eventually, by doing more complex drills involving passing.

Even the most basic pass with the inside of the foot can be broken down into properly learning where you place your supporting leg, exactly which part of your foot hits where on the ball, following through with your kicking leg etc.

This may sound ridiculously easy to experienced soccer players. But for beginners (sometimes even if they are adults!) it is far from obvious. Many new soccer players more or less run into the ball, as if that would make it go where they wanted.

And here’s the kicker: even fairly advanced players can have aspects of the game where they have never really advanced very far beyond the beginner’s level. For one player it may be headers, for another shooting with their weaker foot.

What’s The Point Of All This?

Any other part of soccer training can be broken down into smaller elements in a similar fashion. For example, your soccer fitness training regimen could be broken down into (in no particular order): injury prevention, coordination, speed and power, soccer specific training, nutrition and wellness and so on.

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