Quick & Free Tips for Promoting on the Internet

There are many ways to promote your web site. Some are expensive and some
are time consuming. Here are a few ideas on ways to promote your site that
are both quick and free. Watch for future articles that will include further
effective 메이저사이트 ideas.

Always Put Your Web Site in Your email Signature: Create a professional
email signature that includes your URL and either your motto, a quote or a
tiny tidbit of information about your business. Make sure to make it
interesting; you want them to click on your link. Include it in all your
email messages; you’d be surprised who might click on your link and be
interested in what you have to offer. Also, include your URL on your
business cards, stationery and any other printed information you have.

Link & Banner Exchanges: A link or banner exchange is a great way to
increase the links to your page (a sure way to climb the search engines’
rankings). However, because you are exchanging a banner, you may lose some
of your visitors to other sites.

Choosing Meta Tags – Choosing good keywords for your site is a time
consuming, but an imperative and worthwhile venture (see article in Building
a Web Site). If you don’t know what meta tags are, don’t fret, we will learn
about them in detail soon.

One quick thing you can do with your meta tags is make sure that the titles
of your pages are descriptive and contain keywords for your site. You can
see the title on the very top of your browser of a page you are viewing.
It’s also the name that comes up when you try to add a page to your
favorites. Web crawling (see below) search engines search sites, in great
part, based on these titles.

For example, if you sell children’s clothes online, you want to make sure
that the title clearly illustrates what your site offers. A title like
“Mandy’s Stitches” may be your brand, but it is not very descriptive to what
you are selling. A title like “Quality Children’s Clothes at Inexpensive
Prices” will serve you much better.

Using Your Keywords in Your Site Text – of course, use your keywords in your
meta tags, but also include them in the text you use on your web pages. If
one of your keywords is home based business, be sure to use those word in
your site.

Free Search Engine & Directory Submissions – A number of search engines
allow you to submit your site to for free. However, it often takes weeks or
months before they will consider your submission and most often you will not
know when they do consider it. Also, even if they do consider it, you may
not be entered. That said, search engines are an extremely powerful tool for
advertising your site and you will want to submit to them.

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