Teaching is a profession and a vacation at the same time. They are handling a difficult job and that is to mold every individual with their teaching. In the nondual teachers salaries vary according to their place. In the different states and regions of a certain country there are different ranges for the teacher salary. Most of the time, their salaries are being based on the years of experience, the subject which he or she is specializing, and even with the type of degree that a teacher have. Each school in the state have different industry and that it is also being required for them to have a higher pay with their tax in order to give an increase with the teacher’s salary.

Teachers in high poverty urban or rural areas can expect to build less annually. The differences in salary can be offset by cost of living considerations. If we are going to talk about the teacher’s salary rate, there are certain states which offer them with good pays. Among these states are the Alaska, California, and Connecticut and even with New York. These are the states which is the best place to work with being a teacher. They are giving these high salaries since these places are highly populated also, thus they receive higher taxes from the community which enables them to give good rates for their teachers in each schools. Usually the reason why these states gave higher salaries to their teachers is that their schools are usually located within an isolated area.

They are giving value for those teachers who are sacrificing to work with such kind of place. If there are places which give the highest pay for the teachers, there are also those places which offer the lowest pay for these professionals. The lowest rate that a teacher can receive usually happened in the place of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Classroom teachers in these places receive the lowest rate if it is being compared to others. If we are going to consider these places, they are most likely the places which are under the poverty level. They are experiencing consistent high poverty level and as well as higher unemployment rates. This is the reason why they cannot give the average salaries for their classroom teachers since they are also having huge problems within the whole state.

The cost of living is this place are not as high with other places however, their rate does not pays the sacrifices of each teacher in their places. There are certain reasons why teachers’ salaries are not all the same. Among the factors which affect the salaries of the teachers are the location of the school where they are teaching, their experiences, their educational degree and also the area of specialization that they are having.

Salaries tend to be higher in places which are duly populated, and some are also lower. However, if you are a teacher of good and high experience you can have the chance to receive higher salaries as well. A teacher with a four-year bachelor’s degree will probably make less than a teacher with a master’s degree. Each factor is important for you to have the kind of salary that you wanted to have as a teacher.

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