Still Time To Buy Someone A Book For Christmas

I know I am biased and prejudiced in favour of acim authors, but then maybe I have a few good reasons. Here is one: now with the amazing advances of electronic print, we may begin reading an e-book almost in a matter of seconds!

So, now I must persuade you to buy just one book for a special person, or even for yourself – while there is still time, before Christmas!

Here are four reasons:

BOOKS BRING DELIGHT. There is no doubt that a well presented book, with an eye-catching cover is a delight. Here, you enter a world of new possibilities. Here new expectations are created, of warm leisure, of fascinating encounters and new horizons of enjoyment. You stand on the threshold of a new dawn.

BOOKS OPEN NEW WINDOWS. A good book has the capacity to illuminate. Yes, much hinges on what I mean by ‘good’. Many books will not shine light into the recesses of your soul. And alas, many a best-seller will only cast shadows of nagging grief. What do you want, the falling shadows or the inextinguishable light of Christ? Cast a discerning eye as you choose that new book with loving care. Leave the shallow, sensational novels and end-time thrillers. Settle on books that are biblically and doctrinally ‘sound’ – that unfold the ‘doctrines of grace’ and that help build stability and endurance.

BOOKS CHANGE LIVES. Books transform people! As you read, you find the book has a message for you – it engages your personality and speaks to your mind and conscience. I am focusing on biblically faithful, Christ-exalting books that humble the sinner and exalt the Saviour; on books that magnify the grace of God and the finished work of Christ and show you how to be reconciled to God for ever and live for him, where sin shall not have dominion over you. Now that is real change! Yes, there’s scope for apologetics too, books that confirm biblical faith. Try Greg Bahnsen, William Lane Craig, Norman Geisler, John Blanchard, Edgar Andrews, R. C. Sproul, D. A. Carson, Francis Schaeffer, and Roger Nicole for a start, or even one of my own titles.

A BOOK IS YOURS! A wise possession is an investment in eternity. Keep a book that has helped you. Treasure it. Relate what you have learned from this particular book with other books on similar subjects – see the bigger picture emerge. Extend your library and as it grows, you too may grow in your walk with God.

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