Reasons Why You Should Digitise Your Book

Digital books are proving to be a hugely popular source of enjoyment, entertainment and education for seasoned acim books who would never even consider picking up a book in an iPhone, tablet and laptop world. E-Readers provide an easy and convenient way of putting thousands of books into a single slim device which can be accessed at anytime and many have seen them as the saviours of literature.

But just as there are those that consider them the saviour there are also those that see them as having a negative impact on the publishing world due to traditional beliefs that books should be just that.

As beloved as books are to so many, there will always be a need for progression in order to survive and never before has there been such a threat to books and authors from expressing their creativity and this kind of progression, to find a source that costs less and offers more, is becoming the norm throughout so many important industries.

So we’re going to go through 5 reasons why you should consider digitising your books a necessity whether you’re an experienced writer or an amateur looking for a chance:

– e-Book sales are going through the roof

In a post paper world, everything digital is selling like never before; music, movies and now books. Here in the UK alone within the last year e-book sales have risen by 188% and with the cost of e-readers dropping dramatically to a point where they made a relatively low-cost but thoughtful gift, this number will only rise especially around holiday periods.

– The ability to ‘self-publish’

Never before in the history of books and publishing has there been the ability to self-publish with such ease and without the need for much if any money up front. The likes of Amazon and Kobo will sell your book at a price that you set and you can simply watch and wait for the sales to come in. With good reason there will be a lot of competition on these stores but if you have a good book it will always find its audience with or without the help of a publisher.

– Lower overheads.

With the ability to self-publish your books digitally, there are of course lower overheads. It doesn’t cost to publish to Amazon and other popular online book stores and the only other costs involved are the time you spend writing your book and what we talk about in the next section…

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