Microsoft Office 2013: What Are The New Features?

Customer preview of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise is available. The official Microsoft office 2013 will be released later in 2012. Microsoft office is the second biggest reason of Microsoft’s success. The first is its Operating systems. As far as Operating system is concerned Windows 8 is to be released soon. After MS office 2010 it is the turn of MS office 2013 to rule the market. Lets discuss what are the new features of MS office 2013 so that we can all decide whether to use 2013 version or stay with our old 2010 or 2007 version.

Why Microsoft Office 2013 is Special?

Microsoft Office 2013 is so special because the Microsoft team is clever enough to guess the keys of success for Apple and Google and follow them, yes its true. Apple and Google provide the facility of cloud storage. Microsoft guessed it and implemented it in Microsoft office 2013.

Now you can save your word documents, Powerpoint presentations and excel spreadsheets online and you can easily access them from any where in the world. Isn’t that awesome?

MS Word 2013 New Features

MS word is the most used software among other softwares in the office package. People are loving the word since it was released. Almost all documents you see are formed and edited using this word processor. The thing which makes Microsoft Word 2013 so special are as follows:

Are you disturbed by the task bar and notifications while reading the document? Don’t worry they wont be visible now while using the new version.

Save your documents and access them from School, Office or anywhere. No need to carry an extra hardware like USB or CD to transfer your documents.

I bet you won’t believe this can happen, Now you can embed videos in your word documents. Yes make your documents more informative and attractive and more presentable by embedding videos.

The read mode is now available. If just want to read any document use the read mode. It is faster and it does not show all the features just the reading options.

The best spreadsheet software. It is use in almost all schools and industries where we need a spread sheet to process data. We can make graphs to represent our data. In excel formulas are used to make our work easier and faster. Lets see what is new in Excel 2013.

Like Google search bar, Excel 2013 has the feature of auto-completion. It guess the word you are typing and gives you option to auto complete it. Resulting in less typing. Indeed a time saving feature.

Excel 2013 comes with a mail merge facility making it easier to mail the spreadsheets. You can save and present your spread sheets using Sky drive,

Excel 2013 comes up with Graph and table’s enhanced features. More advance tools and graphs for data representation.

I have been using PowerPoint since I was a kid. Making presentations are really easy using this software. There are very little changes to PowerPoint 2013, Lets see what are these changes.

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