Jesus Christ – One Can Reach God Only Through Him – Is This Statement Correct?

Catch the express or the super fast bullet train. If we are able to reach our goal the purpose is served. Talk of the mystical christ, Mahavira, Gautama Buddha or Prophet Mohammed… all reached the goal they had established in their life. The goal of all (including Jesus Christ) was the same… only the paths were different.

Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed… all wanted to have one-to-one interaction with God the Almighty. All four of them succeeded in their life. If Jesus were to say that God can be reached through him (he is not incorrect) for any enlightened Soul can guide the humanity to its logistical end.

Life was made like that by God the Almighty. The Jesus Christ has been considered in Christianity as the son of God the Almighty. The teachings of JesusChrist can also not be considered wrong but there is all possibility that the interpretation of the teachings of Christ may have been wrongly monitored by people with vested interests.

Such wrong interpretations exist in every religion or Dharma. The society at present thinks and interprets everything in terms of materialistic gains. How can then be the teachings of Jesus Christ remain untouched by impurities?

The so called statement by Jesus Christ that one can reach god only through him is a misnomer. No enlightened Soul can utter such words. It is a complete disregard of the teachings of Christ. It is upon the masses in general to assess whom to trust in the present materialistic trend existing in the society. A blind faith in the Vatican teachings can totally misguide the humanity towards a catastrophic end.

Even though the interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ by the Vatican carry absolute weight age for most Catholics around the world but it need not be the absolute truth as was administered and monitored by Jesus Christ himself. The Vatican interpretations can be based on absolutely wrong footing.

Let me give an example-

Sometimes back it was announced in most of the newspapers around the world that John Pope Paul (considered a direct representative of Jesus Christ on Mother Earth) had arranged for a team of renowned astronomers and quite a number of powerful telescopes with the hope that God could be located in the universe perchance. The poor John Pope Paul failed to realize that the basic building block of the whole Cosmos is atoms and molecules. God the Almighty cannot have existence in the form of a human being… it has to be a source of energy… the might of which can not be perceived with the limitations of the senses and the mind.

What an awful waste of money and intelligence… none in the Catholic world retaliated. What does this prove…? Does this confirm the blind faith of the masses in the Vatican? Such a blind faith in the Vatican is absolutely wrong for it leads the society towards wrong conclusions! If Jesus Christ had been alive today… he would have outright rejected the actions of the Vatican.

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