If You Don’t Like Your Doctors – Can You Still Trust Them

Out of thousands and thousands of doctors, there are a few, yes, a very small handful, of doctors who are bullies, doctors who act like bullies and doctorstipsonline who are not doing the job that you are paying them to do.

You have searched and searched and so far, until you have reached here, you have not come up with any articles that you were looking for. This is your pay-dirt, your home-run, your totally successful search. Right here in this article, you are going to read about the bird called the Doctor Bully. So what exactly is this? What is a Doctor Bully? – The worse kinds of doctor bullies are those in large city hospitals or in large nursing homes or rehab centers. Once a doctor bully gets hold of a hospital, he literally can take over most of the unit that he is working in. And that is a beginning of his reign of terror among patients and staff.

If you are a patient, do you feel like your doctor does not listen to your questions and or never has time to answer any of your questions but has time to bill you? When you speak with your doctor, do you feel like you are being bullied? What you are feeling most likely is the truth. But know this, most times, the doctor’s personal nurse or assistant will back up the bully doctor BECAUSE the doctor is the one controlling the salary of the nurse or assistant. So, if you feel like you are being bullied, do not let the doctor’s assistant or doctor’s nurse convince you otherwise. Never discount your own feelings. Usually, your own feelings are correct. Most times, your own feelings are correct. After all, you are an adult. You have experience going to many other doctors in your lifetime and those other doctors were professional, polite and did not seem like they were bullying you. Now, this first time, you get the feeling that you are being bullied. Listen to your own inner instincts and listen to your own feelings.

Personally, during times when I was a patient, I was not bullied, but I have been present in hospitals and in other medical facilities (as visitor and or observer) where some doctors were bullying other patients. And they got away with this bullying because the patient was made to feel like the doctor was correct and the patient was wrong. So, if you are being bullied, know that what you are feeling is most likely exactly what is happening.

Normally, most doctors demand respect and they usually act as if they are above patients and other people (at least most act like that when they are in the hospital). Now, the Doctor Bully acts as if he is God and no one has the right answer except him. I will call him, DB for now So DB feels that just because he went to medical school and graduated that he is boss of everything. He puts himself on a pedestal and insists that everyone(patients, contractors and staff) listen to his every word and act as if they have no minds of their own. When it comes to making decisions, DB is it and everyone else is out.

Doctor Bullies will do things like this:

  • They will not listen to anyone else speaking but will be concentrating on what they will say since what they say is the only important part of any conversation that he will have with anybody.
  • They give orders and IF they are making an obvious mistake (a medical mistake), they refuse to listen to the nurse who might correct the doctor. (If you think that doctors do not make mistakes, do a search for the doctors that have operated on the brain at the wrong site, and read about all the other major medical errors that caused great sickness and even death. The Doctor Bully will put his ego above all else and even above safety, life or death. That is a genuine Doctor Bully.
  • They come in to work when they feel like it. And that means that some even leave the hospital when they are supposed to remain on hospital grounds.
  • Some doctors will arrange to have three babies delivered simultaneously –in three different boroughs, and not tell their patients that they will not be there for the birth of their babies, but interns, instead will wind up delivering.
  • Doctor Bullies do not respect other human beings but demand full respect for themselves.
  • Doctor Bullies threaten nurses and aids and other staff with insinuated firing or trouble if these staff members disagree with them.
  • Doctor Bullies are those doctors who have built a reputation and a name for themselves but refuse to step down when they become negligent in their own practices.
  • Doctor Bullies are doctors who tell patients what to do and they neglect, purposely to tell the patient of ALL the options that are available to that patient’s health.
  • Doctor Bullies will raise their voice in authority in the hopes that you will raise your voice back to them.
  • Do not play into this sucker game. When and or if a doctor raises his voice, speak back to the doctor in calm, normal tones but make your voice effective. Tell the doctor that you can hear him but that you would like to express your opinion or that you still have a question that he needs to answer. Do not play into the doctor bully game by raising your voice to be heard over the doctor’s raise voice. If you have not experienced this yet, you are a lucky patient, and you have been dealing with reputable doctors who hear and listen to you. But do not be distracted–if the day comes–if you are approached or being treated by a bully doctor. Most times, doctors do not raise their voices to the nurses because the nurses understand that the doctor controls their paycheck or their career or future, so most times, in order for a bully doctor to get what he wants from a nurse all he has to do is tell the nurse what is what and most times, whether the doctor is correct or not, the nurse will try and follow the doctor’s instructions.

Now, I am not saying that all doctors are wrong or incorrect. I am saying that there are some doctors out there who are still practicing medicine who use their power and their authority over patients and sometimes they are wrong. When they see that the patient does not want to follow their incorrect instructions or when they see that the patient has questions that they do not want to answer, then they go into their bully doctor stance where they use their power, their influence and their loud voices to make the patient bow to submission. This does happen and if you live long enough, you might come across a bully doctor. Know you know about it and when and if you come across such a person, you will not be surprised.

If you doubt this, then remember all the news articles that you have read in the past about doctors who have operated on the wrong side of people’s bodies and about doctors who have been guilty of major malpractice on patients and doctors who have had their licenses suspended. Most of these doctors, not all, but most of them have had periods of demonstrating themselves to be bully doctors at one time or another. Read the news articles or do a Google search about bad doctors and you will see that what I am saying is true.

There are hundreds of other ways to recognize Doctor Bullies, those are just a few of them. Keep reading my articles and I may come up with some more at a future date.

Now, note, I am not speaking about all doctors, but speaking ONLY about those Doctor Bullies. And there are some with attitudes like those mentioned above. There are even some Doctor Bullies who cheat on their own wives and families and they get away with it because their money from their professions permit them to hide the cheating from their families.

ANY resemblance to real human beings is just a coincidence. This article is for entertainment, education and reading pleasure. Though I am not a medical doctor or medical personnel, I have extensive experience speaking with and dealing with doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel. I have hours and hours and possibly weeks and months of having access to medical centers, hospitals, doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. I have seen all types of doctors, both good and bad, both professional and non-professional. And my experience, observations and other people’s experiences is what brings me to write about these topics. If you have experiences that you would like to share, anonymously or not, kindly write to me at your earliest convenience. All information will be confidential, unless you give direct written approval for me to reveal your information.

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