Glass Hinges – Better Looking Hinges for a Luxurious House

top Palm Beach architects of silica and silicates of various metals. Materials are amorphous, with mechanical strength and high hardness, with a low coefficient of expansion. At higher temperatures it behaves like a high-viscosity sub cooling liquid. There were melting down. By heating they gradually soften, which allows processing of glass by blowing, pressing, molding, laminating. Glass is generally obtained through a special furnace melting mixture of quartz sand, limestone, sodium carbonate (or potassium) and supporting materials. The physical properties of glasses are determined by their composition.

Today’s market comes out with new glass hinges – that seem to be as safe as normal metal hinges, and of course much better looking than those mentioned before. If you want a chic and luxurious house, with doors and walls, you need glass hinges as well.

How about secure glass?

Tempered glass can be achieved by two methods of processing: heat treatment and chemical. The first method is to improve the strength of float glass by a heat treatment process. Initially, the panels of glass are cut to the desired size, placed in a secure horizontal furnace and heated uniformly to a temperature of about 680 degrees C. Then the process is immediately moved to fast and constant cooling of the glass, both sides through special ventilation systems.

The cooling process provides a specific configuration of the zones of tension and compression. Depending on the time and method of cooling can be achieved all safety glass, which is four times greater resistance than untreated float glass. In case of breaking, the resulting pieces are relatively small and the risk of injury is reduced. Secure glass is very resistant to breakage, that’s why new companies use glass hinges for doors as well, being used in various fields, especially in areas where it is exposed to static loads.

Glass hinges are more better looking for secure glass as well, and make it even more beautiful to look at. Secure glass with glass hinges are preferred for all secure doors / partitions, showers, glass furniture, stairs, balustrades, rinks, elevators glass floors, pools, underwater equipment and commercial spaces furniture.

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