Author Success: How To Write A Book

HOW TO WRITE A acim authors is one of the top 5 topics that aspiring authors inquire about. To write a book is no simple activity. Mistake #1 is having the wrong estimation of what it takes to write a GREAT book.

Many aspiring authors, thinking they are being brave, jump in to the book writing world head first, without the slightest idea of what to actually do to be successful at being an author. This may be fearless and admirable, but it is also a recipe for failure. And it is why 92% of all authors fail at their endeavors!

Wide Open Success

But hearing this incredible statistic should NOT be discouraging. Not in the slightest, because in a field where most people are doing all the wrongs things, it leaves success wide open to those who do the right things! And it’s as simple as getting properly informed.

Author Success

Author success is achieved by first having a book, but this description falls short just enough to cause failure. The generality “having a book” sets an author up for having an inadequate product for long-term success.

To better define how to cause author success with a book is to include that one’s book has to be amazing. A book has to be something that affects its targeted audience so greatly that they are different and better off because they read your book. A book has to be well-written, contain information that is unique because it is being given for the first time or the perspective about it is new, and therefore more enlightening.

Author Coach

So, the statement, how to write a book, offers no simple answer except this: The smartest, easiest way to write a book is to be mentored by an Author Coach.

This article from shows the power of mentoring and coaching.

Coaches and mentors have hands-on experience. They show you the ropes and keep you clear of danger and failure. They make you better at something. Coaches encourage and hold you accountable — just the right amount of accountability to make sure that you accomplish what you set out to do!

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