5 Ways to use SMS Surveys for Patient Feedback

Patient Satisfaction Surveys With Satisfaction envio sms masivo healthcare providers can easily asses how happy and satisfied patients were on various parameters. These are ideal as post appointment and post treatment surveys to get patient feedback about ease of booking an appointment, experience with the doctor and physician, satisfaction with the overall treatment, quality of care, cleanliness and upkeep of the premise.

A patient satisfaction feedback result can help you identify both individual problems as well as recurring issues with quality of care and treatment. Health Monitoring Surveys. Post Appointment SMS Surveys (for Outpatients)They send health monitoring surveys to pre-screen patients for symptoms related to COVID 19 via SMSes before or while check-in.

In this emerging, rapidly evolving situation of COVID-19, there is a lot of extreme pressure on doctors and caregivers to safeguard the best experience and ensure the best care to the patient. To achieve this, lots of healthcare centers are now monitoring high-risk patient quickly through the health monitoring surveys.

While for COVID 19 screening, the questions are centered around the symptoms of the virus, generally Health Monitoring Survey can include various health assessment questions like blood pressure, weight, sugar level, and more. This enable your healthcare team to pre-assess the problem based on the symptoms being faced by the patient. It also helps in providing high quality care & treatment and track the patients’ progress during visits.

There are a series of experiences your patients encounter before, during, and post-appointment. The experience could be related to efficiency and friendliness of the staff, experience with doctors, availability of medicines at the pharmacy, etc. here, post-appointment patient feedback helps you to track whether patients’ experience are good and bad with you.

SMS Survey provides you with an opportunity to identify the recurring patient issues and make amends in improving patient satisfaction. Using Zonka Feedback, you can easily connect your survey system to your internal systems and send automated Post Appointment Patient Surveys through SMSes to get patient’s feedback about appointment time, staff, doctor and treatment right after their appointment.

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